Friday, August 14, 2009


Right now today I'm gonig to set the bar high for my self. Well, not exactly today, a few days ago. Today I'm going to let you guys in on my goals. Rather they are realistic to you or not, They are realistic to me. Here it is, brace your selves...... 10 years from now I'm going to be a multi millionaire. I'm not going to explain to you step by step how I plan to get there, but I will share with you guys each step that I have climbed along the way. Wish me luck and feel free to leave me encouraging thaughts. I understand that it will be challenging and that I may feel like giving up. With the help of GOD and his people, I will succeed. Pray for me as I will be praying for the world....... Bye the way, I have started my journey already now for 3 days. I'm 25 and by 35 I'll be rich and well known around the world. I'm a multi tasker and good at it......The sky is the limit and I'm going to push it.

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